Pete and Pam's Site



The Mother-Baby Connection- Laurie Clarke, IBCLC.  This is the lactation consultant who made it possible for me to breastfeed Quinn.

Pete Thomas' Mother Anne's Page - Quinn's birth

Darrell Duane's home - Our friend Darrell's site; Pete's known Darrell since forever--well, high school - Deborah's another dear friend; we met at Virginia's Governor School in 1987.  It was through Debbie that Pete met Yvonne, and through Yvonne that Pam and Pete met.  So I guess you could say that it's all Debbie's fault.  The site has information about Kevin and Deborah, their wedding, and now news about their daughter. . .email for the site password

Hilltop Kennels - Our friend, and Lance's breeder, Chris Wells

Cornerstone Farm - where Pam attended a fascinating horsemanship clinic recently

Mid-Atlantic Friesian Association (MAFA)  Our Friday Night shooting group, we miss everyone terribly!